Recipe Below;Roasted veggie sandwich. Produce picked up on my trip to Rosarito a…

Recipe Below;Roasted veggie sandwich. Produce picked up on my trip to Rosarito at an organic produce stand. You can check out the haul in the last post. Got some great stuff.
One of my favorite things about cooking in new places is the challenge of using and making the tools and spices you have work. This adversity usually helps me uncover new flava profiles and methods.
The first thing I made with the produce pick up is a roasted veggie sandwich with fresh greens.
Thin sliced yellow zucchini
Cherry tomatoes cut into 4’s don’t want them too small so they hold their form.
Cilantro- quickly chopped up
Bell peppers sliced
Fresh lime juice
Olive oil
Butter lettuce
Chard .
Heat the pan up then add oil and allow it to heat up. Lay the yellow zucchini around the edge of the pan and allow to cook for a couple minutes on each side.
Add some salt to taste
Add the tomatoes and cilantro to the middle of the pan and stir them independently of the zucchini’s allowing the zucchini to just absorb some of the juice.
Add some salt
Once the zucchini is about the color in the picture or to taste remove it but keep the tomatoes and cilantro.
Give it a flip to coat the pan with the tomatoes flava and then toss in the bell pepper slices to cook up with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.
Salt lightly and remove at texture preference.
Layer evenly on bread as shown in the images and enjoy.
The tomatoes were a really nice balanced sweetness and the arugula was a champion flava coming through nutty and peppery, made up for the lack of spice that I am usually such a big fan of and I was not even planning that. Like I said, always good to try new things when it comes to cooking.
If you made it down this far I appreciate it and hope you try something similar soon. Remember to not stress over finding the exact ingredients, it’s an art, no right or wrong. .

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