Leave a ‘YES’ if you agree.⁣ ⁣ Our kidsare young they cannot always speak for wh…

Leave a ‘YES’ if you agree.⁣??

Our kids????are young they cannot always speak for what they feel. But that does not mean we do not listen.⁣?

For children with feeding issues, eating can be an uncomfortable and anxiety-producing experience. ? They respond by crying, rejecting food, spiting food, avoiding food.⁣

What we sometimes interpret as being stubborn is them telling us that they do not have the right tools to deal with this. Our job as parents is to equip them with the tools they need to deal with uncomfortable foods and situations. Finding out the root cause of picky eating is one big step in helping them in this direction.⁣

I as a mother knew how hard and frustrating feeding A was for me. But it took me long to realize how hard it for A too. She was scared of foods and no amount of distraction, forcing or pleading could have helped her eat. But once we addressed the sensory issues, meals became so much more enjoyable for me and her.⁣?? ⁣
This week, let’s remember that our tiny humans are only learning and they need our support, love, and guidance.⁣

Gentle parenting around mealtimes is as important as it is at all other times. We need to listen and care for them.⁣?

I help you moms make your kids comfortable around all foods, by understanding what is the root cause of your kid’s picky eating. So your kid can enjoy mealtimes instead of avoiding them.⁣

Book a call using the link in my bio. Let’s discuss how you can end all mealtime battles and bring love, happiness, and cheer to your kid’s meals.

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